“Be the Change that you Wish to See”

Mahatma Gandhi’s quote — “Be the change that you wish to see”  I am sure you’ve heard this before.


This is a mindset. It works like magic!

When you want to teach children something or perform for them, and the atmosfer in the room or in the audience is not appropriate, try to remember this quote. (“Be the change that you wish to see”) Your mood, the atmosfer in your entire body will then move in the direction of that which you wish, and like “magic”  you will see change in the classroom or in your the audience…

I have tried it many times, and it works. Especially when I work or perform for children or youth. It works. Why? I don’t know. I just know it works.

Don’t do it only once, play with it. Have fun with this and you will see. Your life as a teacher or as a performer will be amazing. You will enjoy your work and your workplace.

Have fun.