About Kouame Sereba

Biography and promotional pictures

Writer, Composer and Musician Kouame Sereba.

The Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Kouame Sereba was born in West- Africa, Abidjan, Cote d´Ivoire. He was sent by his parents to their native village Tiegba at the age of 10. Living there he learned about traditional life, music and dance. By the age of 20, he travelled across the African continent where he visited and lived in Mali, Niger, Cameron, Central African Republic, Sudan and Egypt and Israel. In 1983 Kouame moved to Norway, where he is based today. Here, he plays an important role in the music scene. In addition to his solo projects he collaborates with musicians of many different styles; jazz, folk, contemporary, as well as traditional and modern African music.

In 2009 was Kouame Sereba awarded the price Folk Musician of the year in Norway.

From his base in Norway, Kouame has is now traveling all over the world with his life philosophy, “The Power of Playfulness” embedded in his performances, workshops and public talks. In addition to playing guitar, percussion and djembe, Kouame is a master of the Dodo, (a mouth harp known for its overtone-rich, almost electronic sound).

Kouame Sereba sings is song “ATOLAGO” (Drowning Man Trail) in the Hollywood film The Interpreter. A thriller with Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn.

Every year, Kouame Sereba meets among other meetings, on average more than 2000 kids a month with his performance “Kouame Meeting the Kids”.