Drum and Rhythm Training

Drum and rhythm training with Kouame Sereba and the Zikalo Method

Zikalo is about developing a playful relationship with music! In west Africa, where I grew up, the word means music where “everybody joins in”. In my new video training course I will bring you into the drumming circle. With each free video you will learn easy drumming patterns, phrazes and rhythmic games. Soon you will want to improvise and interact, using these new skills.

In the spirit of Zikalo I want to give everyone the chance to join in, so with the Zikalo Method I offer everything I have learned from my own people and more than 20 years of concerts and music workshops around the world. I have played private concerts for Kings and Queens, Prime ministers and sold out concert houses. Now I want to play for you.

Rhythm is not a mystery, it is not given to a chosen few. Rhythm is born into each and every one of us. There is a magic and music in you waiting to come out.

With these free training videos I’ll show you how easy it really is. Use them both for yourself and for your children. If you are a teacher, involve your students. Share it with your friends.

The best way to learn the rhythms , simply listen, sing and imitate. Play with the drum and have fun!

No, you do not need a drum. You can play these rhythms wherever you want, a table, an empty bucket, or even your own chest.

Yes, the first 5 lessons are 100% free. You will have the option to continue your training after your 5 free lessons. Option is available once signed in to the training portal.

No, you do not need any experience from drumming or other musical skills.

The lessons are fun and entertaining even for experienced drummers.

Nils Persen